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- Board Meeting
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- Board Meeting
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Woodcrest Announcements

Notice of Content & Link to Principal's Website

This campus web page will contain general information to provide answers you might need regarding our school staff and their schedules and our school’s activities and policies.  Our principal's web page also contains information about our school and our programs and activities that will be scheduled during the school year.

We hope you find these web pages to be a convenient source of information about your child's school.


If you look to the left side menus and sub-menus, you will find additional information about our school.
You can click on the Woodcrest Calendar in the sub-menu to the far left to find out scheduled activities such as when the activity will occur and what grade levels will participate. For any additional information about the activity, or photos that might have been taken during the activity, please contact your child's teacher.

You can see names and photos of our current faculty and staff by clicking on "Our Faculty and Staff" and then clicking on the "Staff" link.
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Stay Connected 2017-2018
Stay Connected via "Remind" App
Please take the time to join Woodcrest’s class “Remind” so that you can stay informed with what is happening at Woodcrest. Information will then be sent to you by way of text messages and/or email, whichever you prefer (or both). All you need to do is follow the directions below and you will be ready to receive the latest information from Woodcrest. Please note that you will not be able to reply to any of these alerts.  The Remind alert system is for sending messages, not receiving replies.

If you have additional questions, you may the principal via our email links on our webpages.  You can be reminded about early release days, dress up days, and picture days, etc. You will also be notified of any emergency information that might affect Woodcrest students. Join and stay connected to what’s happening at Woodcrest!  Please see the directions below.

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Purple Pride
Purple Pride

Please click on the links below to view the details for the Woodcrest Pride School Behavior program.

Page 1     Page 2      Page 3     Page 4     Page 5

To listen to "Cherokee,"
click on the arrow link below.

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An important reminder . . .

Students, please be on your best behavior at the PNGISD stadium.
Please click on the link to the right for a summary of the rules. The  PNGISD student code of conduct will be enforced at all school sponsored events.  Students need to know that, to ensure the safety of all our students,
any misbehavior will be reported to their principal for disciplinary action.   

Safety and Rules
Port Neches-Groves ISD Stadium

Please remember that,if you need to ask your child's teacher a question or discuss a concern (no matter how brief), you will need to call during the teacher's designated conference time.  All other time is committed to the preparation, teaching, or campus activities necessary to serve our campus.  Conference times are posted below.  Thank you for your cooperation.

    The November/December newsletter, The Parental Involvement CONNECTION, is available in English and Spanish:
Click on this text link.
 This edition of the newsletter includes articles about walking and walkable communities, holiday foods, and ways to show compassion.    

Information for the New Year, 2017-18

Please note that information from the school year will be updated as time permits and the information becomes available.  Thank you for your patience as we strive to evolve and continue through out the new year. 

Campus Roster 2017-2018

A special request for visitors to our campus

Parents:  in order for the transition into the new school year to go as smoothly as possible for your child, we are asking that you wait three weeks after school begins before visiting our campus during our lunch times or breakfast.  We will be implementing new procedures, routines, and schedules that will require us to focus on those areas until everyone understands what will be expected of them.  The sooner everyone understands our routines, the sooner we can have an optimum environment for everyone.

Additionally, for visitors planning to visit our campus for lunch for the first time, please be aware that our cafeteria tables have attached benches, not chairs.
Through the years, we have observed time, and time again, that a student’s separation anxiety usually dramatically starts decreasing the moment the student understands that the parent has left the campus and that this will be the normal routine.  Unfortunately, the transition into being a happy and well-adjusted student on our campus cannot begin to evolve without this necessary step, so we are asking you to trust your precious child to our care and allow us to do what we have been trained to do to help him or her to have a good beginning each day.  We are firmly committed to helping each child feel safe and confident during this time, so you can be certain we have put that as a priority.  Thank you for helping us to help your child understand that school is a happy, fun place to be and that leaving mom and/or dad to come here is a normal part of his or her life.
School Supplies for 2017 - 2018


Please click on the links below to access the list of supplies requested for each grade level.
If you have questions, please contact your child's teacher.  Thank you!

Kindergarten           1st Grade           2nd Grade          3rd Grade

Bell Times 2017-2018
Bell Times

Please note these times the Woodcrest bell will ring or daily events begin:

7:20 School opens and the cafeteria begins serving breakfast until 7:40
7:40 A.M. Students are dismissed from the gym or breakfast to go to class
7:50 A.M. Tardy bell rings (late arrivals must check in to the office)
3:00 P.M. Dismissal bell rings

When the morning bell rings at 7:20 and the school's doors are opened, all students are to report to the cafeteria.  Students who are not eating breakfast will sit at a designated table in the cafeteria until the teacher who has morning duty arrives to take them to the gym. 

If everyone has already left for the gym when your child arrives, he or she is to report directly to the gym.  Students who are eating breakfast are to put their back packs on a designated table and then sit at the table closest to the serving line.  A teacher on duty will announce when it is time to get in line.  If your child will be eating breakfast at school, please get your child to school in time to allow him or her to have adequate time to eat breakfast.

Breakfast 2017-2018

If your child intends to eat breakfast at school, it is very important that he or she arrive as close to 7:30 as possible to avoid being tardy to class. Any child who is late to class will most likely miss important announcements. Additionally, having students who are tardy affects the whole class when the teacher is required to adjust her schedule. Please help your child’s class to have a good day by making sure your child arrives on time.

Breakfast & Lunch Menus 2017-2018
Breakfast & Lunch Menus 

August Menu               September Menu               October Menu
                 November Menu                       December Menu

January 2018 Menu               February Menu               March Menu

April Menu               May Menu
"Lunch Money Now" 2017-2018
Lunch Money Now

Mornings are always busy, and you may find that you have forgotten to send lunch money with your child. You may use “Lunch Money Now” to easily deposit money in your child’s account. You may prefer to regularly use this easy and fast way of paying for school meals. Any funds deposited in your child’s account will be available to him or her within thirty minutes of the deposit.

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Lunch & Lunch Duty Schedule 2017-2018
Lunch Schedules


From time to time, we will have special activities and/or events, holidays, etc. that will affect our lunch schedule and change the times listed above.  If that should happen, notices will be sent home by your child's teacher.

Table Assignments 2017-2018
Cafeteria Table Assignments
When you enter the cafeteria facing toward the serving area entrances, the tables are assigned as stated below.  If you still cannot locate your child's table, please ask the teacher or custodian on duty for assistance.  

Please note that, from time to time, a lunch schedule may change due to special activities on our campus.

Please remember--no guests the first three weeks of school in order that we may get our students into the most efficient and productive routines.  Thank you for your cooperation!
Dress Code 2017-2018
Dress Code
In establishing appropriate standards of school dress, it is not the intention of the school district to attempt to regulate fashion or to determine what is or is not in style, but to encourage good grooming in students. It is important that everyone continue to recognize that school is a more formal experience and the type of apparel worn should reflect that fact. Clothing should be neat and clean at all times. Tattered, frayed, or unnecessarily patched clothing is not acceptable. All clothing must be hemmed. Tattoos must not be visible.
LENGTH OF SHORTS/SKIRTS:Shorts and skirts shall be mid-thigh or longer in length. (Measured by when the longest finger of the hand touches thigh when in a standing position with arms and hands extended by the side)
SHORTS: No spandex, lycra, P.E. or bicycling shorts may be worn as outside garments at any time. Shorts must be hemmed.
BAGGY PANTS/SHORTS: Pants and shorts must be worn at the waistline. Garments must fit at the waist.
DRESS LENGTH & STYLE: Tops with large open armholes, open back, and/or bare shoulders are not allowed. Dresses that are cut low in the front should not be worn to school. Dresses that are transparent to the point that undergarments can be seen through the clothing will not be allowed. Dresses should reach mid-thigh or lower. 
 [Woodcrest suggested appropriate additional guidelines—please have your elementary student wear shorts under any skirt or dress.]
SHIRTS: Length of shirts may not exceed the length of shorts. Shirts or other clothing, which displays or implies (printed or pictured) obscene or distasteful slogans or advertises tobacco products, drugs, or alcoholic beverages, may not be worn. Undershirts worn as outer-garments----torso, tank, or muscle shirts will not be permitted. Any type of blouse that has extremely small shoulder straps will not be permitted. Garments with bare midriffs may not be worn.
HATS & CAPS: Hats and caps are not allowed on campus unless worn as part of a school organization uniform or as part of a special activity approved by the administration.
SHOES: All students must wear shoes. Thongs, flip-flops or shower shoes must not be worn to school. Shoes with cleats or rollers are not allowed in the building.
HAIRSTYLES: Extreme hairstyles will not be permitted. Hair must be neat, trimmed and well groomed.
FACIAL HAIR: No beards or goatees shall be allowed. Sideburns may not extend below the bottom of the ear. Mustaches and sideburns must be neatly trimmed. No facial hair shall be allowed on middle school students.
EARRINGS: Boys cannot wear earrings. Girls may wear earrings in ears only. Students may not wear earrings, studs, etc. in any pierced body area other than girls may wear earrings in pierced ears.
   *Any dress/grooming/appearance standard not described in the dress code above and observed on a student, that is judged by the campus principal or his/her designee to be disruptive, unsafe, or inappropriate for the school setting may be addressed as a violation of the dress code.

Campus Safety: Our Doors 2017-2018
 Campus Safety
Please help us ensure the safety of our children by NOT asking ANYONE to open a door that has a sign on it saying not to open that door to use it as an entrance. 

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Additionally, any visitor to our campus MUST come by the main office immediately upon arriving on our campus. 
Thank you for your cooperation!

Woodcrest Master Schedule 2017-2018
Teacher Conferences 2017-2018

Teacher Conferences

Library-Computer Lab-Counselor 2017-2018
Library ~ Computer Lab ~ Counselor Schedules

P.E. & Music 2017-2018
P. E. ~ Music Schedules 

Music Programs 2017-2018
Music Programs

Party Time! 2017-2018
Party Time!

Grade Reporting Dates 2017-2018
Reporting Dates

Mission Statements 2017-2018

Mission Statements
Port Neches-Groves Independent School District is committed to excellence in education. The combined efforts of the staff, students, parents, and community will provide a learning environment that ensures opportunities for all students to pursue lifelong learning and responsible, productive citizenship.
  The mission of Woodcrest Elementary is to provide a quality educational program in an environment that is conducive to learning. We believe that all children can learn. To accomplish this, we offer a variety of school programs to encourage the development of each student to his or her highest potential.

PTA 2017-2018
Woodcrest Loves Our PTA!
We are blessed at Woodcrest Elementary to have such a dedicated, hard-working, enthusiastic PTA. Without their hard work on fundraisers throughout the year, we would not have all the extraordinary resources we have for our students. These resources greatly enhance our ability to provide our students with every opportunity to excel academically... and have fun learning while they do.

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We could never thank our PTA enough for making us feel so appreciated and for making our students feel so special.  If you see a PTA volunteer, please let them know you appreciate all they do--they deserve it!

Box Tops 2017-2018
Box Tops 
Your collecting box tops can make a difference by funding wonderful resources for our students!  We receive 10 cents for every box top. With your help, we can collect hundreds of dollars for our school by simply turning in box tops from products you probably already have at your home or will be buying anyway.  Please do not throw those valuable box tops in your trash when we can use them!

The top student collector for each six week period will receive a prize and a certificate will be presented to them during the Woodcrest morning announcements (via our TV system). At the end of the school year, the top class collector will receive a Cookie Company party. We will collect box tops the entire year, with prize deadlines being on report card Fridays for each 6-week-period.

Before you turn in your box tops, please check the expiration date, and help us by clipping the box top on its dotted lines. Place the box tops in a baggie. Then, on the baggie, write your child’s full name, the name of the class teacher, and the number of box tops in the bag. This will help us very, very much!
Please encourage your neighbors, your co-workers, and the student’s grandparents to save these box tops for us instead of just throwing them away! We are counting on you to help with school projects and wish lists that help us provide the best possible resources for our campus!
We appreciate all you do for Woodcrest!

Curriculum Mapping 2017-2018
IXL & Symbaloo for 2017-2018

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  IXL does not promote students to this new year until September 1st.  Update for the IXL information below:  To log in your child in IXL, go to www.ixl.com and enter your child's cafeteria number as their user name and "ndn" as the password.  If that log-in is not successful, add a "b" to the end of their cafeteria number (this extra letter was necessary for some students when their number was already being used as a user name in the IXL system).  If you are still unsuccessful logging in, please contact your child's teacher to report the issue.

Under Construction 2017-2018

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Please note that this webpage is  always under construction with new and/or updated information.   We hope you will come back, from time to time, to view updated or new entries.
Please Report Broken Links and/or Other Issues 2017-2018
Broken Links

Please use my name below to contact me to report any broken links on this website
 or if you have any questions or concerns.
Webmaster 2017-2018
Contact me by clicking on the text link above if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.  

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